Lorie and Andy are such a gorgeous couple! This engagement session included beautiful outfits, lots of wind and a few contortionist poses!

Lets talk about how this lovely couple met. In todays age it is perfectly normal for you to meet your other half on a dating app. Despite this we still have the dislike of saying that we met on a dating app which I still struggle to understand why.

This is the century of the internet so it does not surprise me that these two lovebirds met on a dating app. Lorie and Andy aren't my only couple to have met this way either.

Andy being a hopeless romantic, planned to propose at the lunar eclipse. Instead he thought the moment needed to be perfect with the perfect location. So he proposed to Lorie in the house that they have and still are renovating together. I mean....how cute is that? 


The session with Lorie and Andy was the windiest session I have ever had and extremely fun!

Leading up to this session I had the pleasure of seeing practice videos of aerial moves.

Let me just say how funny those videos were, when it worked it looked stunning when they fell they laughed uncontrollably. This paid off with some gorgeous poses at their engagement session! Not only was the wind CRAZY according to Lorie, so was the poses I put them in. I told Lorie that these crazy, goofy poses make some pretty great photos! After she saw her gallery she messaged me with a very nice, "well you were right'!

Crazy Poses = Natural & Fun Photos!

Not only were they willing to do these crazy goofy things with me they also had very intimate chemistry which photographed beautifully.