Hey Lovely People!

Today we are featuring Mariah and Jakes Engagement!!!

I truly loved working with Mariah and Jake they have such a deep love. The type of love where you can't pose the intimacy because its already off the charts! Trying to pose them would just interrupt a natural and breathtaking moment already underway.

I LOVE THIS TYPE OF SESSION. The... "ok WOAH, these two can't keep their hands off each other" session!

To give you a little background, Jake is in the military. Basically this means Mariah and Jake don't get to spend a ton of time together. In fact they spend most time apart currently as opposed to most other couples. Coming from a military family I can recognize the strength it takes to develop and maintain this relationship. 

When Mariah first reached out to me, she wanted to book for a couple years in advance. To say I was happy to work with Mariah would be an understatement! Mariah has such a great personality. We clicked instantly! 


We started this adventure in the woods doing some pushups, dancing in the daises, twirling, and yelling our favorite words. ;D


As golden hour was coming closer we decided to grab a few photos on the pier where they had their first kiss. The story about how they met is quite funny. Careful who you ask as they both have different versions of the story! They were at a friends wedding when they met. They admired each other from a distance until they danced together (to figure out who asked who to dance you'd have to ask the couple). Leading us to now where they are deeply in love and starting their next adventure as a married couple!

After the pier we relaxed and got a drink or two as waited for the sun to set. As the sun was going down this couple decided to brave the cold water to get some pretty amazing and intimate sunset water images. Although most of the water poses worked, the ones that didn't work ended in laughs and splashes. Given I am always up for adventure I was more than happy to hop in with them (as my assistant sat on the beach and laughed at my over cautious steps and movements). The best part of this session was the couples love for each other.

The couple giggled, laughed, splashed and enjoyed every cute small moment the night offered. I barely even needed to pose them as they naturally gravitated to each other in the most photogenic ways.

Mariah and Jake, Congratulations! I can't wait for the wedding!!! #cantwaitforthewedding