Megan is one of the smartest people I have met. If a cure for cancer was found you can bet Megan was one of those dedicated scholars who help us find it! Through all of that hard work, she came out on top with the man of her dreams by her side. Not only by her side during college but all throughout high school.  You guessed it folks.. CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS! 

Megan and Andrews wedding was quite the day.

Megan and Andrew have a captivating bond. Growing up together through awkward teenage years all the way up to college graduations. Andrew has always cared for Megan, forever just seemed to be part of the plan! Andrew was caring for Megan in sickness and in health before they had walked down the isle. Andrew was the only person able to help Megan feel better before the ceremony and the first look. First looks are always amazing to photograph from a photographers perspective but these two were so enveloped in one another it turned into one of my all time favorite memories from their wedding. 

You could see the happiness on both of their faces with a few happy tears here and there.

Megan mentioned in one of our interactions that the first look was one of the most important photos to get. The first look was specifically special due to the location. The location of there first look was the park he proposed. So as you can imagine the forest held some unforgettable memories for these two! 

Before Megan and Andrews wedding, they lost a dear friend who was suppose to be in the wedding party. Despite this tragedy Andrew and Megan had a beautiful wedding with a table dedicated to the few that could not make it but were there in spirit.

The ceremony went off without a hitch and before we knew it they were man and wife. To celebrate, everyone went in for some cocktails and good music! (The band they hired will be included in the vendors list). Megan and Andrew celebrated with friends, family, and cheesecake (and the 7 other cake flavors)!!

Congrats Megan and Andrew!



Cake by Manderfield's Bakery

Florals by Coleman Floral

Dress & Tux by DuBois Dress: A Bridal World

Makeup by Salon 3 Sixty 

Jewelry by Zales

DJ/Band by Star Six Nine

Location: The Marq