The night of Laura and John's engagement shoot could be catch phrased by the following: Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip and Dodge! 

Not what you were expecting? Us either! As Laura explained it, "at one point it became a full on contact sport". HAHA ok I just have to laugh when I read that sentence. 

You see lighting lanterns and releasing them in to the majestic sky is very romantic, I would agree. However, what they don't tell you is about the lanterns that just don't catch enough wind and come galloping through the crowd nearly setting your hair on fire. It was a night full of adventure and although at some points I was scared for my life. You would not know this however from the expressions on John and Laura's face. They were in full delight and awe of the amazing sight that night! Taking in all the magic ( less a few dangerous lanterns) and enjoying every moment together. 

Laura, admittedly, is a huge Disney fan! She got the lantern idea from the Tangled movie and I was all about making this idea come to life! I LOVE when couples challenge me to capture their moments in new ways and this was no exception.  

We arrived early to the fair and took some fun unposed and candid photos in the fields, one of which happened to catch some nearby lightening ( look closely :D). And ended the night with a magical lantern send off.

TANGLED HERE WE COME! Move over Repunzel, there is a new Disney princess in town :D. 

John I have to say, you made my night so relaxing and enjoyable! I loved enjoying a drink with you two, listening to music and just hanging out. It is not every day as a photographer that I get to have one of the most laid back sessions ever with ease and grace. You helped make this possible! 

Laura we are only going up from here! I can't wait to celebrate on your wedding day and look forward to a quiet forest retreat, ferry ride, and lots of puppy adventures! 

Stay tuned folks the happily ever after comes next year! 


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