As a business owner you are constantly on the lookout for inspiration! Partially because photography is an art form but mainly because being a business owner is like being on a emotional rollercoaster without breaks.

The ups and down of owning your business can change in an instant. 

Recently I joked with a friend that one moment I am ON TOP OF THE WORLD and the next minute I'm plummeting to a more than certain death. EXTREME. I'm glad we agree. Yes it is extreme... but that is truly how it feels. I would love to tell you that I am constantly confident in myself, my business and my art. However, if I am being honest.. that is farthest from the truth! I have however began to realize that this constant fear and adrenaline highs are what keep me on my toes! It is what pushes me to become the best version of myself. Without my fears and celebration owning a photographer business would be .. well BORING. 

With that said, I am starting to lean how to embrace the challenges of owing my business. The highs, the lows, the self doubt, and the moments of pure confidence that I CAN ROCK THIS!!! 

If you have followed along with me over the years you will notice an evolution. Its kind of cool actually. There are moments when I look back and think.. wow.. why did I do that! Recently more often than not I look back and think, WOW I can't believe I was able to capture that moment! The change has been rewarding. To further push myself this year, I decided to go to the Rad Photographers Retreat put on by Natural Intuition, or better know as Christine! 

Rad Photographers

What drew me to the retreat was the selling point that I would be with my peers from the photography industry. People who, like me, were going through the exact same ups and downs of owning a business. I went in with an open mind anticipating to learn, grow and make new friends. 

I accomplished just that! 

The girls at this retreat could relate to every emotion I had when starting and running my business. The feeling of being alone in my challenges subsided and a feeling of community replaced it. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we drank, we eat (really good food I may add but Sulten Belly) and we GREW! We broke bread with leaders of the industry and learned everything we could! 

For those of you creatives who are looking to grow and move to the next step in your business:

Surround yourself with your peers! Learn from one another! Support one another! 

It is the best way to grow. 

I am more than grateful to have participated in the Rad Retreat and hope you love the images form our styled shoot. Vendor Love below!!! 

Joanna Gaines - Magnolia Inspired Styled Shoot - Midwestern Bride Planning & Design:


Midwestern Bride Styling - Monica Rose Freng Custom Designed Wedding Gowns - Jennifer Joyce Designs Florals

Midwestern Bride Styling - Monica Rose Freng Custom Designed Wedding Gowns - Jennifer Joyce Designs Florals

Jennifer Joyce Floral Designs - Greenery & Candles Wedding - Table Decor - Magnolia Market Place settings - Hove Photography
Greenery - Magnolia Market Place settings - Jennifer Joyce Floral Designs - Hove Photography - Adventure & Elopement
Rad Photographers - Rustic Wedding Decor - Cabin Elopement - Hove Photography - Magnolia Market Placesettings
Fruit Wedding Decor - Midwestern Bride Styling - Hove Photography
Midwestern Bride Styling - Hove Photography - Custom Calligraphy
Greenery Table setting - Magnolia Market - Adventurous Elopement - Hove Photography - Jewel tone place setting
Custom designed wedding menus - Calligraphy - Greenery - Magnolia Market Place settings - Emerald Jewel tone wedding - Hove Photography
Saffron Avenue- Custom Calligraphy Invitation Suite - Hove Photography
Custom Wedding Invitation - Calligraphy - Saffron Avenue - Hove Photography
Yield Bakehouse - Wedding Cake - Green - Macaroon - Greenery - jewel Tone Wedding - Ambre Cake - Hove Photography
Monica Rose Freng Wedding Dress - Custom Dress - Chiffon - Cabin Wedding - Hove Photography
The Black Tux - Groom Photos - Midwestern Bride Styling - Rustic Wedding - Cabin - Hove Photography
Monica Rose Freng Custom Wedding Gown - Flowy Gown - Large Green Bouquet - Eucalyptus Wedding - Adventure Elopement - Hove Photography
Intimate Wedding Photography - Romantic Elopement - Dark and Moody Photographer - Hove Photography
Jennifer Joyce Design - Florals - Green Bouquet - Lace Back Wedding Dress - Hove Photography
Candid Wedding Photographer - Natural Moments - Laughing - hove Photography - Elopement Photographer

Vendor Love: 

Planning/Styling : Midwestern Bride
Dress : Monica Rose Freng
Floral : Jennifer Joyce Design
Rentals : Ala Crate
Place Settings Magnolia Market - Hearth and Hand
Cake : Yield Bakehouse
Calligraphy/ Invitation Suite : Saffron Avenue