Tiny Toes of Lincoln & Lily: Newborn Session Marshfield WI

They say that tiny toes can be like taking medicine. Little feet, little hands and babies in general can simply lift your spirit! 

When I came back from a two week vacation in June, I was a bit overwhelmed. Not because I hadn’t had a fabulous vacation, but because coming home meant back to two jobs, working long hours, and pouring my heart in soul into my photography. This can be at times exhausting. BUT I LOVE photography. Sometimes it takes little toes, little hands and infatuated parents to bring you back to reality. This family was the best way to start day one back on the job. 

Miss Lily

It didn’t feel like work. It felt like home ( ironically I had just come home lol but that is besides the point)!

Mr Lincoln

I enjoyed every moment of working with Lincoln and Lilly. Mostly because I had known them before they were born. Not long ago Brad and Dana had a maternity session with me. I got to meet these two buggers in the belly! I know of the struggle Dana and Brad went through to bring them into the world. 

Little Toes

And with that, it was something other worldly to see Dana and Brad finally holding them. To see them look at them and the world stops turning. Love at its finest. A pure moment of mother, father and children. A FAMILY. 

To me it was like Dana and Brad were finally complete. You would have never known something was missing unless you had seen them together with the twins smiling as the twins cried or laughed. It was the smallest of details, like how Dana warned me in advance that Lily would be the looker and Lincoln may be trouble. And almost as if they knew there mother had stated this, the twins defied their normal roles.. a preview to what I’m sure will be an exhilarating adolescence era later in life! 

These are the moments we live for, when Dana and Brad looked at each other with even more love then they had when I first met them, although I’m sure they were on little to no sleep. The natural instincts they had when noticing which cry was which child just by the sound of their voice. These natural moments are enough to steal time, lock it away and make it stop completely. Brad and Dana, your family is complete and beautiful. 

Now for some fun.. can you guess which feet are Lincoln's and which are Lily's?! Comment below with your answers! If we can get ten correct comments/guesses below, Dana and Brad will receive a free 16X20 of their favorite image!!! Help them out folks!



With Love, 


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