Have you ever wondered why photographers call a certain time of day the GOLDEN HOUR?! 

Golden Hour Family Photo Session - Green Bay, WI

I will tell you why, BECAUSE ITS THE BEST HOUR OF THE DAY for lighting. NO JOKE. NO LIE. The best photos happen during this time of day right before the sun sets, the light in the sky is gorgeous. The images taken during this time frame seem to be more whimsical, magical, and breathtaking. 

Family Photo Session

This is why when Katie and Pete said yes to the “golden hour” family session at Green Isle Park I was more than ecstatic!

Katie & Pete

Now in most cases when a family session is taking place with at least three little ones, I expect the family to be about.. 10 mins late. Not because they were trying, but because I grew up in home with four other sisters and I know the struggle is real. Katie and Pete however, we early! EARLY! With three kids. I was more than impressed. 

Green Isle Park: Family Photo Session

True to form, the littlest ones always tend to ‘do their own thing’ so to speak. No exception with Miss Little Gemma. She danced, ran, cried, and laughed. All emotions I love to see in Candid photos. Most photographers that work with children know sometimes you just need to let them do their own thing. From there, things become NATURAL. Beauty comes from NATURAL moments between a family. 

Family Photo Session: Green Isle Park

Family Photo Session: Green Isle Park

Like when Big Brother Landon does something, so does Asher. Naturally the little brother has to follow the cool brother. At least at that age :D! 

Landon & Asher

It was so much fun working with you and your family! Your photos were taken in the best possible light.. but your family brought them to life. Your family portrays happiness, brotherly love, crazy wild and free princesses, and a loving Mom and Dad. 


Thank you for making my job so easy, 

Gemma & Pete - Golden Hour Family Session

Blowing Bubbles: Green Isle Park Golden Hour Family Session

With Love,