Backstage at the Meyer: Green Bay, WI

Sometimes as a wedding photographer you meet a couple and you instantly know, “I could be friends with this couple”! You are attracted to them. As funny as that sounds this type of connection makes for great memories and photos.  Sam and Dan are two of the most kind hearted, caring, gracious, polite and genuine people I have met in my time as a wedding photographer. They are instantly likable! I remember the first day we met at Luna Cafe in De Pere. They walked in and I gave them both a huge hug!! You see they hired me right after Karissa & Joe became newly weds. Little did I know Sam & Dan had apparently become smitten with me and my work…hope Im not taking that too far Sam :)!

EDIT Salon - De Pere, WI

EDIT Salon - De Pere, WI 

So there we were having coffee and talking about how they met, how they imagined their day and how excited they were to be planning. I heard about Dan’s romantic proposal on the De Pere Pier ( say that five times fast) and how they made a promise to each other, locked it away for safe keeping and threw away the key. Now to say they were introverted would be an understatement. Although I didn’t notice as I loved hearing stories about their cat, new home and adventures together. You see… Dan has a tendency to talk when he’s nervous ha. So here I am thinking they are just as extroverted as me but really it was the nerves. Well I have to say thank GOD for our nerves. 

Nerves force us to remember what those butterflies feel like in our stomach. Or how exciting it can be to wake up on the morning of your wedding day.  Nerves remind us we are human. I for one believe that being human is a great gift. We have the ability to show gratitude, like Sam did as her mother helped her fix up the wedding veil ( in all fairness it did try to swallow her whole)! 

Bride & Veil

We are capable of making mistakes.. like when you think your wedding starts at 330 not 230.. I won’t name any names :D. 

Most of all we are capable of love! Something so special it can cause you to smile so hard your face hurts. Cause your eyes to twinkle like starlight. Or even cause someone to ask you to spend the rest of your life growing and getting old together. 

Sam and Dan’s wedding was something out of a novel with a classic love story and star crossed lovers.  Their day was filled with the support of their loved ones, friends and Backstage at the Meyer pulled out the red carpet for this lovely couple!

Meyer Theater: Green Bay, WI

Hannah Lindsay, with 'Backstage at the Meyer', was not only friendly, she was prompt, efficient and kind. It was so great to work with another professional that was just as excited as I was for Sam and Dan’s wedding day. They say a picture is worth a thousand words..the Meyer is the reason this saying exists. Take a look at the beautiful venue Sam and Dan said I do in! 

Meyer Theater: Green Bay, WI

The best part… its SOOOO Sam and Dan. It is 100% them. What a breathtaking place to say I DO. 

Meyer Theater: Green Bay, WI

Although the Meyer was a view to be reckoned with absolutely nothing compares to the smile on Sam’s face as she said her vows to Dan. No one else was in that theater that day. Its like they were on their own stage, no audience, everything stood still. 

Backstage at the Meyer: Green Bay, WI

As the night progressed Sam and Dan continued to hold hands, kiss and smile as if it was their first month of dating. The butterflies were still there. 

Backstage at the Meyer: Green Bay, WI

Its days like yours, Sam and Dan, that I realize I truly do have the BEST job in the world. I enjoyed getting to know you as friends. I enjoyed listening to your stories of your cat! And I enjoyed watching you two vow to love each other through the years. 

Backstage at the Meyer: Green Bay, WI Wedding

As Dolly Parton would say, “Rockin' chairs, rockin' babies, rock-a-bye, rock of ages. Side by side we'll be together always, And if you'll hold me tight when you love me. That's all I'll ask of you. And I'll stand by you thru our rockin' years”

Green Bay, WI Wedding: Meyer Theater

I have no doubt you will stand by each other come what may. 



A huge thank you to Sam & Dan's Vendors:

David's Bridal: Wedding Gown

Backstage at the Meyer: Venue

Petal Pusher: Florals

Bake my Day: Wedding Cake

EDIT Salon: Hair Design