Cave Point: Sturgeon Bay, WI

Cave Point: Sturgeon Bay, WI

If I was to tell you that Amy and Adam had an epic love story, I wouldn’t be lying. These two are one of the most adventurous, outgoing, and crazy couple I have met. Although what they make up for in adventure they lack when it comes to ‘clues’. You know… those subtle hints that someone likes you. 

Needless to say Amy, for a lack of a better term, was CLUELESS that her now Husband liked her. Now… I know what you are thinking, “this happens often, nothing new”. TRY FOR OVER 8 YEARS!! Now, I may not have gotten the exact # of years correct, It could actually be ten. But I think you see where I’m going. 

At some point I think someone should have suggested Adam rent a zeppelin to get the point across.

Amy and Adam have one of those simply romantic love stories. Met through mutual friends at a coffee shop, stay friends for a LONG time, Amy joins the Armed Forces. Here is where things get tricky. As the ceremony readings pointed out, Amy’s first clue that Adam liked her was him asking to spend time with “just her” before she left for overseas. Yet this went unnoticed by Amy. 

Her next and big clue: Adam wrote her letters while she was gone. Not just emails… Good Old Fashion Hand Written Letters! Yet again… and you see where I’m going… Amy did not think Adam was interested. 

It wasn’t till after she had spent her time in the Military, came back home & Adam flew out to see her did things start to click. For those of you in the beginning of this post that said, “nothing new this happens often”, I’m assuming you understand now why their story is a bit different. You could say they took their time falling in love. So to speak, only fools rush in. Their love grew from friendship and developed into a lasting love. Listening to Adam and Amy say their own vows was enough to bring tears. They promised to love, laugh, put each other first but most of all tell they were promising an eternity together. As long at time would allow. They sealed the deal with a pink swear! At that point, I think its safe to say that Amy final got the clue! 

I remember as we were walking around Cave Point, Sturgeon Bay WI, asking Amy, “so how did he propose”. She said like all things it wasn’t really a proposal, it was just something they knew they wanted. Natural. Their love was natural. 

As natural as the rivers they kayak and scuba dive in. Or the trails, mountains and state parks they hike in. 

When I asked Adam to explain to me how they became so adventurous, he told me we like to have fun, and if we don’t know what we are doing, “we just make shit up as we go along”! 

I think we all could take a lesson or two from Amy and Adam. Love happens naturally. Enjoy what you can when you can, and if you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to love… Make it up as you go along! 

Congratulations Amy & Adam!