Where to start on this story… well I should start by telling you not all stories have a happy ending. This story does and doesn’t, more so this is a story of strength, perseverance, suffering and ultimately the fight. 


Meet Mariah, Shelley, Aaron, Mari and Bryce. My Family. Each of these wonderful siblings lost their mother Katherine at a young age to Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Each of them struggled in their own ways to justify losing their mother for no good reason to a greater cause. 


To say handling this type of death was difficult is a gross understatement if there ever was one. The years, the days and weeks leading up to their mothers passing was a tortuous blessing. One more day with Mom but one more day of unknown. Not knowing if the surgery or the treatment was successful. 

I remember these days vaguely as I was rather young but I do remember all the amazing footy PJ’s grandma made us, Matching of course! I remember her big smile and brown kind eyes. I remember her having short gray hair, although she spent most her life with wild long flowing hair matching her temperament. I also know her in spirit, as so many people tell me that my younger sister Elyse Catherine reminds them of Grandma. Which would lead me to believe Grandma was kind hearted, giving, selfless and a joy to be around. 

Now this story, as hard as it is to tell does have its moments. Take the farm for example. Now a shambled display, barn wood for crafts, and a memory trap.. it was once a thriving home for Kathy’s children. It was where they came from nothing, walked up hill both ways to school ( no joke both ways and over a mile). Its where they took one of my favorite photos of Chanel, my sister, as a child with Uncle Aaron and the chickens. Its where we swung off a huge tree on the tire swing.. which eventually moved with Grandpa to his new home. It is where MEMORIES were made and a life was built. 


We went to visit recently and I had the pleasure to walk down memory lane. Sadly the house was a blank for me. I could barely remember the place but the warm memories of the people helped fill in my memory gaps with color and life. 


Although Grandma lost her life to cancer...she fought! And she tough her children how to Fight. A necessary trait as not too long after, Shelley, one my moms, found out that she had breast cancer. The unknowns and the struggles that were hers to deal with as a child sudden became mine and my sisters. At that point I no longer needed to guess how she had felt. I knew.

But if Grandma taught Shelley one thing, it was to FIGHT for what was hers. Her Life. Her Loved Ones. And Her Children.


Im happy to say Shelley won this fight and she is cancer free! The breast cancer runs I do are always in their honor and just recently I had to add another name to the list. My Aunt Mariah, Shelley’s Sister. 


You see, not one but two of Grandma’s daughters had to fight breast cancer. These photos are of Mariah’s baby shower. Yes BABY SHOWER. Mariah fought cancer, she under went chemo, and she won. Somehow God saw fit to bless her and Tony with another son, Carter. Life is funny this way. 


What people don’t realize at times is that Cancer has a way of making you feel ugly. As women deal with breast cancer most undergo losing their breast and even a Hysterectomy. As you can imagine these women deal with losing the things the thought made them a woman. And they are right. But in a way, the thing that makes them a woman is their compassion, their kindness, their hunger to please others and their perseverance to tell Cancer to KISS THEIR ASS!


This blog is dedicated to: Shelley, Mariah, Mari, Aaron, Bryce and of course Grandma.