Every now and then I talk about those loves that are so rare, they are like a fleeting glimpse of a shooting star. You know the ones…. the couple that is so unbelievably cute that you melt a little in side every time you see them smile at each other. 

Kelsey and Aaron are exactly that couple. They are the “cliche happy, cute, hold hands, drink coffee, build things together and now… build a family together” couple! 

I was lucky enough to meet Kelsey at Schneider and develop a relationship over the past few years. From there I feel like I have been slowly building a book of images of her and Aaron’s lives. I was there for their engagement, wedding and now their first child together.  Its been such a pleasure getting to know these two but more importantly it has been life changing and inspiring to see their love grow for one another. 

Kelsey and Aaron are what you could call high school sweethearts.

Now, from my experience with love, one of the most difficult challenges we face is growing together as we get older.

As we get older we change, develop our thinking, and ultimately transform into adults. Being able to grow with the person you love binds you. Kelsey and Aaron have proven time and time again that their love grows in perfect harmony each and every day.  I have no doubt it will forever.

I am so happy for you two! And I KNOW that Bennett will be the best big brother ever!!! 

All my love,