Recently I got to thinking.. we could all use a little pick me up.

So, YOU ARE WELCOME! Here are a few stories/adventures from my last year. I will have to warn you that I am not an english major, I am a horrible speller, and sometimes I am way too optimistic. Hopefully these suggestions and stories will lift up your spirits and make your day just a little bit better. Spoiler alert!!! CUTE PUPPY PHOTOS! 


Last year I received a text message from my Mom asking me to run a half marathon. CRAZY! NUTS! INSANE! All those thoughts would be accurate but I signed up for it anyway! After many months of training and pushing myself, I found out what I was made of! I completed my half marathon. I ran through the finish line dragging my butt the whole last mile, dying of thirst, and panting. But you know what was the most rewarding thing, I mentally conquered my body that day. I PUSHED MYSELF further than I ever had and I had something to be proud of. Point of the story, challenge yourself physically this year. Whether it be a walk a few times a week, a 5K or possibly the Cellcom Half Marathon, just DO it ( in the words of Nike). Physical activity can boost your metabolism and attitude. Here are a few suggestions if your looking to start something new and different. Keep in mind, most races contribute to local charity organizations that raise money for a great cause. 



Cellcom: 5k, Relay, Half Marathon, Marathon

Badger State Brewery: Who doesn’t love good beer, good company, and a jog!


Pink Pumpkin Run: Good Cause, Great People & Survivors, such an Inspiration!



Meet Waylon! If this lovely face doesn’t lighten up your day..I honestly don’t know what will. Waylon is a Bernese Mountain Dog and my best friend. I have wanted a dog for years!!!!! I researched the breed I wanted, read a book, and finally found a breeder: Barnyard Berners in Bonduel WI. 


He is everything I had hoped for! He goes on runs/walks with, welcomes me at the front door, and basically brightens up every part of my day. There really is nothing like the love of a pet, its unconditional and can console you even in the worst parts of a day. If you are a dog lover too or have furry kids I welcome you to attend the 7th Annual Beer & Biscuits on March 11th in Green Bay, WI. 


This is a silent auction fundraiser for Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organization in Green Bay, WI. 




LOVE. In September 2016 I celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary. I married the love of my life on September of 2015 at St. Norbert College. Most people say the first year of marriage can be challenging, I think it was AMAZING. My husband and I both took a promotion within our careers, we established residency at our very first home, and we got our fur baby.



Now, Im not saying everything was rainbows and butterflies, a marriage takes work but I can say I am lucky. This year I pushed myself to develop my photography business and thanks to the support of my husband I can honestly say things are going great. I think sometimes we forget how much it means to have the support of the ones we love as we embark on new adventures and challenges. Don't mind the #IPhonePhotos ! 

Photo Credit: RW Photography


This doesn’t mean it has to be a husband, it could be a friend, family member or co-worker. Take stock of the people you care about in your life and be grateful!  Love is all around us, case and point: 

A&R Smile.jpg