OH YES... it is that time! My favorites over the last year!! EEEKKK!! 

Before I jump right into imagery let me say this, THANK YOU! Thank you to the couples and families that chose me to take their crazy fun images this year. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about myself as a photographer. There are times this year, just like any business owner where I felt frustrated, lost and exhausted. You, my friends, are what kept me going! You inspired me to overcome obstacles and believe in myself no matter how many weekends I worked! :D

This year I photographed 16 weddings, some as lead some as second, (which, may I add, surpassed my goal tremendously). I  photographed 44 portraits sessions and managed to hold a full time job on top of owning my own business. Crazy. Yes. But I did it! This year has been one for the books. I am sad to see this year go. However, I can't wait to see what I accomplish in 2018! With that said, here are some things I loved about 2017! 

I LOVE my crazy couples. KEEP EM COMING!

YA YOU! You know who you are! The ones who trampled in a bee ridden prairie and popped champaign. The ones who jumped into the freezing cold Bay in May so they could get pictures in the water! Never mind the fact that I joined them and fully dipped my camera below water! The couples who had karate fights on logs, wax on wax off style! YOU GUYS ROCK! 

The families that let their kids DO THEIR OWN THING! 

Whether that may be running in the library. Eating weeds. Tickle Monster Fights! Let those kids run free and bring me along!! 

The people who believed photography is ART!

Photography is unique and different; it doesn't belong in a cookie cutter. 


This year I was lucky enough to travel Europe with my little sister and 2nd shooter! I reached a lifetime goal of traveling to at least 10 countries, I have now been to 12 and plan on setting my sights higher! 20 countries here I come! 

Creative Communities

And lastly, to the great community of Creatives who taught me that being a business owner, a creative mind, a forward and different thinker means YOU CAN ACHIEVE GREATNESS! These people support and build up artist in our community. So a special thank you to a few of you who I feel really made a difference in my business, life and overall perspective on running my own business. #RisingTideSociety #TogetherTuesdays 

Kate with  KLEM Studios LLC - Don't act surprised lady! You introduced me to #CommunityOverCompetition, Creative Live and a whole host of creatives! You have recently helped to brand my business and take it to the next level. Thank you Sincerely! PS thank you for the head shots and branding session!! Folks check out this photographers work!!! 
** Thank you AJ Miller with Vamp Artistry for the killer make up and hair styling! ** 

My Family - Thank you for supporting my crazy hours, long days, second shooting for me at weddings, calming my crazy butt down, and in general helping me make it through one of the busiest years of my life. In true form Kate, I should pick a word for 2018... 

~ Take Risks ~

Anna with Anna Bayliss LLC - Oh yes.. your name goes on the list. Thank you for taking on a brand spanking new 2nd shooter! I learned so much from working with you and am happy to call you a friend. :D It is rare and few between you connect so well with someone you just met! Thank you for taking me along for the ride in Sheboygan & Milwaukee! 

Kara with Bloom Photography - Didn't expect this!? You are truly a creative, free spirit, who encourages others around you to live their life free as themselves and no one else! You have started great projects in your community to help others and continue to do so. You speak out about Hate & Support LOVE above all else. You are inspirational. You also introduced me to #fearlessphotographers! I can't wait to work with you again! 

Alright enough with the sappy talk! ART! 


Couples & Engagements

Family Portraits

Seniors 2017