Green Bay Golden Hour Engagement Session

Green Bay Golden Hour Engagement Session

Tonights blog features Patrick and Alyson! I know you have seen your photos! I know it has been a long time coming but with wedding season winding down I wanted to take time to tell your story. 

Golden Hour Engagement Session - Green Bay, Wi - Hove Photography LLC

The story of two shy people.. (correction.. only shy till you get to know them, start dancing/seizing and singing 2000’s songs we won’t mention.. ) and the start of their love story. Whew that was a lot. 

We started our session out at The Cannery downtown Green Bay. Anticipating that it may be a bit weird for them to sit at a cafe table and have a natural conversation, I brought some conversation starters. Well, I fully under estimated this couple! They were giggling, chatting and oblivious to my presence. 

The Cannery Green Bay Engagement - Hove Photography LLC

Pat, if you are wondering why I said start of your love story earlier I’m sure there are millions reason but I’ll start with just one. I know you and Alyson are going to have an amazing future together. I knew this when I asked you to tell me about your first date and your first kiss. Your eyes glanced up remembering that intense feeling of nervous butterflies. The moment as you described, you knew you were going to kiss her. You may not have noticed but from an outside perspective it was if you were reliving the moment as you finished your deep thought with a warm smile towards Alyson.  When you looked at me and said, “ Wow, its been so long since I thought about that moment”, I could have cried tears of joy! 

I love when a engagement session brings a couple back to moments like their first kiss. Such simple moments that live forever in our memories, no matter how many more times you kiss her hold onto that feeling. I hope the day of your wedding you get the exact same nervous butterfly feeling when you kiss after your vows! 

Alyson, I’m not 100% sure where to start when describing you character. I can say however, that I 100% understand why Pat chose you. At first you seemed shy and timid but give it two hours, a bit of crazy dancing, a few piggy back rides and I felt like we could have been friends for the last ten years! It was crazy how ‘at home’ you two made me feel, to the point where singing and dancing occurred… my finest moment haha. Listening to Pat describe your dancing technique as ‘seizing’ in the car and grooving to you own rhythm was not only hilarious but I finally knew I wasn’t ALONE!! My husband, also, makes fun of me when dancing in the car :D.

Golden Hour Engagement Session: Alyson & Patrick 

There are too many funny stories from that day, some I will not mention lol.. you know which ones!!! I am so excited to celebrate your wedding day with you two, bust a move on the dance floor and more importantly get a front row seat to that crazy butterfly first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. 

Congratulations on your engagement!