Cave Point: Door County, WI 

I get asked constantly.. "why would you want to be a wedding photographer?"  I could go through answer this question with a list of reasons and it still would not truly explain the 'why'. 

The 'thing' that us wedding photographers do is priceless. Not because we make money like everyone else, but because of the priceless moments we get to witness. We get to be surrounded by love on a constant basis. Who else can say this about their career? Few, I would guess is the answer. 

You can call me a sap, you can call me crazy, or even weird, but I tear up at the weddings of my couples. I watched them take this long journey and to see them so happy truly brings on a world of emotions. 

Sometimes as a photographer you know that you are going to get emotionally invested. Most great photographers do to en extent. With Phil and Lori, I knew. I knew this would be one of those couples that would make me tear up when the best man gives his speech! 

Lori and Phil are so natural around each other almost as if they are already one. When it was time for their engagement session at Cave Point in Door County I was excited to say the least. 

These were my people. They are dog lovers. Adventures. They laughed together. Compassionate souls with a charismatic twist. MY PEOPLE. I knew all this from the first time we sat down to discuss how Phil had proposed. Imagine if you will being in a natural state park surrounded by nature with the one person you love most in the world. You walk across what could be considered a natural bridge, stop to take a panoramic photo and as you turn, there is your love of your life down on one knee! Yup. That is how it happened. No joke. Now depending on who you talk to, this natural cliff was a 'mountain at great heights!!!', or just a small distance from the ground and 'someone' was being dramatic. I will let you guess which one :D. 

If that didn't seal how much I was going to love this customer as they teased each other across the table about tale tales regarding mountains and mole hills, Phil showed me some of his art work. For those of you who know me or don't, I have a Bachelor in Fine Art. I LOVE ART! Phil, in my opinion is capable of doing some of the most unique metal art. Jewelry. SO COOL. Never been able to do it myself but as we sat across the table swapping stories, I knew Phil & Lori were my perfect match!

Flash forward to Cave Point and these two love birds show up with Sam & Dean, their puppies in case you were lost :D! Phil carried the puppies around the whole time never once leaving their sides. Showing yet again, THESE WERE MY PEOPLE. Their dogs were their family! 

The session was great! Phil and Lori were naturals in front of the camera. Seriously. Never have I had a couple that didn't need at least a little warm up to the camera. Right off the bat it was just them two and I was simply there. Their images are proof of this so if you don't believe me.. just take a peak!! 

Sorry this was so long winded... but I had too many good things to say. Congratulations Phil & Lori on your engagement! Can't Wait till next year!! 


** Huge props to Jillian Dawson Freelance Makeup Artistry for doing such an amazing job on Lori's Makeup!!


Cave Point Engagement Session, Door County WI

Cave Point Engagement Session, Door County WI

Having Fun :D ! Door County Engagement Session - Cave Point