Remember last post where I said sometimes photographers get lucky.... fresh snowfall..nice day....well this was not the case! This poor family had sub zero weather, a brisk wind, and a bright sunny day to boot!!! Did that stop them from having fun during their 20 min session.... ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

After arriving to the park, we quickly realized that the 32 degree day had turned 'north' to sub zero temperatures... darn weather man! Regardless Stephany was determined to get at least a few photos. This did not surprise me at all. Stephany is the 'go get what you want type and always see the good', one of those people you love to be around because they keep your spirits up. 


Now Ramiro knew better, I would say he did almost every thing but plead to reschedule the photoshoot. Very Practical. So to please both Mom and Dad, we settled on a 20 min session today and a rescheduled session during summer, fall, spring, ANYTHING other than winter!!! 

But there was another meaning behind the winter photo session, Vincent had recently turned one and being the wonderful Mom she is, Stephany really wanted to capture some family photos for his one year birthday. 

Last year, we had celebrated his birth with some wonderful photos and she really wanted to keep the tradition alive. 


Thank you Rodriquez family for supporting Hove Photography over the years. Thank you for running out in freezing weather. Thank you Dad for pulling the sled. Thank you mom for making Dad pull the sled lol. 

Cant wait till ... spring...fall... summer... till then!