Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky. Lucky to have great lighting, lucky to have a snowfall, lucky to meet a wonderful family and couple. In my case on December 12th 2016, I WAS LUCKY.  Not only did I have a perfect snowfall the night before Gina and Doug's engagement session but I was fortunate enough to photograph the session at the Hess Christmas Tree Farm in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

The tree farm glowed with fresh snow that sparkled under the overcast morning. The crisp smell of pine filled the air and I was extremely excited! You see, this was the first time Gina and I were to meet in person.

I couldn't wait to get to know the new Bride and Groom! In true form, Gina, a mother of three showed up a few mins late. Now for those of you who are mothers or fathers you understand that getting three children ready for a photo session can be a challenging task to say the least! Regardless, the family showed up dress to the nines and excited to begin, almost as excited as I was. This was to be a unique engagement session that included the whole family, which is one of the things I adored about this couple. They LOVE and CHERISH their family so much, they couldn't image photos without them. And I, coming from a family with four other sisters completely understood!! 

Hess Christmas Tree Farm - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Hess Christmas Tree Farm - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Gina and Doug did such a fabulous job with the kids, playing in the snow, pulling the sled and indulging in the wonderful snowy scene! It was almost as if I wasn't even there!! Aubrey, the youngest of the two girls started off with hesitation.


She had those beautiful piercing eyes that can intimidate you. It didn't take long until her sister Peyton helped Aubrey loosen up, although I guess that would happen if you get to go on a sled and throw snowballs!

Now Hudson on the other hand, was probably the most laid back fella you will ever get to meet. Even out in the cold weather he managed a few giggles, smiles and of course those devilishly handsome glances. 

The whole day came together perfectly. The family decorated their tree, found one to bring home and made Dad do all the work!


Once they had found the perfect tree, Grandma took the kids home and I got to spend some quality time with the Bride and Groom. When prompted to tell the story of how he proposed, I watched Gina nudge Doug and say, "tell her, tell her how you proposed in your TRUCK"! You see, Doug loves.... loves his truck.. and its a nice truck.

But Doug was quick to defend himself and reassured Gina, the only reason he proposed in his truck was because he just couldn't wait any longer! THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY JOB.

It's because people like Gina and Doug who decide to get married because they just can't wait to spend their life TOGETHER. It doesn't matter if the proposal is in a truck, on a couch, in a plane, Love is Love and it doesn't have to wait. 

Thank you Gina and Doug for sharing your story and choosing me to tell it.