Hey There! 

I'm Krista, the lead photographer for Hove Photography LLC. I am a lover of Dogs. ART. Freedom. LOVE. Expression. TAKING CHANCES. Dreaming. COFFEE. Ceramic Mugs. CRAZY PEOPLE. Free Spirits. TRAVELING THE WORLD. Musicals. PAINTING. Compassion. OUTDOORS. Hiking. CAMPING. Craft Beer. FOOTBALL.

I love to take on new challenges and meet new people. I have been called a social butterfly, a jack of all trades, hard working and creative. All qualities I plan to put to good use for you as a client. 

Traveling is a passion of mine. I have been to 12 countries so far and I cannot wait to explore more! If you are ever looking for a travel recommendation, I'm happy to help!

I have two Bachelor Degrees from St. Norbert College: Business Administration & Fine Art. 

I have a weird obsession with pottery mugs & coffee, it all started in ceramics class, ask me about it sometime. Espresso can be a life saver if you have jet lag....#ThankGoodnessCoffeeIsInternational!!!!

I enjoy being creative with my photoshoots, I view photography as Fine Art. Not every photo should be the same. I like to paint pictures with vibrant colors, interesting subjects and lots of character!

The list really goes on and on. Want to know more.. let's chat! Want to know more about whether I'm right for you.. keep reading!!

 Thank you so much KLEM Studios LLC for the amazing photos!!!! Thank you Vamp by AJ for the makeup & hairstyling!

Thank you so much KLEM Studios LLC for the amazing photos!!!! Thank you Vamp by AJ for the makeup & hairstyling!

Finding the 'right' photographer for you can be a tough search. To make things easier I may be the photographer for you if...

You are a bit CRAZY

in love that is! Most of my couples just can't get enough of each other. They love to love another. They don't mind if a few things don't go according to plan or if it rains on their wedding day. They embrace changes as they come, roll with the punches and focus on what is important.. their wedding day is about their love. ALL else just doesn't matter. 

You CRAVE Adventure

and are willing to go to the extreme to get the pictures you want. My couples tend to push boundaries, whether it be jumping into freezing water in May to get the perfect shot! Or taking a spin on the tilt-a-whirl for extra fun. Or possibly climbing a few rocks down to the picture perfect water cove. My couples are daredevils with a passion for Art within photography. They want to show others their love in its most natural state. They are not afraid to be head over heels laughing in an image. The candid image says everything about who they are as a couple. 

You are out of the norm

and not afraid to show it! Most of my couples love to put a unique spin on their wedding day. From 1920's themes, hand made bouquets with grandmas broaches to Star Wars, they love to bring life into their wedding day. You may even have a crazy obsession with your dogs!

If you are looking for a photographer that will give you exactly the same image you saw on their blog last month. I am not your person. Given the artistic aspect of my work, I love that not all of my images are the same. They are unique to YOU as a couple. I love the candid shots or couples goofing around or playing karate on a log in Door County. With that said, I like to say I'm a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I LOVE candid photography but I also LOVE to mix in some of those gorgeous posed images. 

If I'm your type of person! Let's talk! Visit my contact page!!