Hey! I am so happy you stopped by. So many times I get asked: What makes you different? Why should we work with you & KLEM Studios?

I couldn’t be happier you asked! I will say I am not for everyone. I am however for the couple that loves to love each other. The couple that is a bit odd in their own unique way or craves a new adventure every day. I AM for those people. Maybe that is you! If it is, FANTASTIC, let’s talk more :D.

I am so glad you made it to the ‘about me page’! I can only imagine the searching you have gone through up to this point to find the perfect photographer for your day. So let me be perfectly honest with you.. this part of my whole website….this is the part that matters. This is where we get to the good stuff. Where you find out if I am your person and if you are my person! 

If you read that last line thinking, “well she must watch Grey’s Anatomy”, you are 100% right ha! I do! And just like Grey I believe we all have our people.  So let’s start talking more about me and if WE are a great fit! 

Amazing Headshot by: KLEM Studios! Makeup by: Vamp Artistry - but lets be real.. I don’t always look like this.

Amazing Headshot by: KLEM Studios! Makeup by: Vamp Artistry - but lets be real.. I don’t always look like this.

I look more like this lol.. you know normal. :D

I look more like this lol.. you know normal. :D


I am pretty simple. You will absolutely never find me without coffee in my hand or talking up a storm about how amazing my puppy Waylon is.

I am based out of Green Bay, WI but it has never stopped my wanderlust heart from seeing the wonders of the world. I am that crazy person who starts learning Italian because she loves Italy that much. No Joke. Currently taking intro to Italian for the second time ha. First time was when I studied there in college and lets just say the 8 am class in a city that hardly sleeps didn’t help learning the language! I am so dedicated in fact that when I am driving my car I am listening to one of two things, Entrepreneurial Podcasts or Italian language courses!

My love for travel started very young and has grown like wild fire. I have visited 12 countries in my lifetime ( so far I am going for 20 in the next year or so!! ).

This is a huge win for me..I FINALLY convinced my husband to travel with me !! 

Scoreboard: Husband 3 - Me 1

Ok… not necessarily a great score on my end but I am so happy we are going to be traveling together. You can only travel so much with your sisters! Which by the way, I am one of five! I believe this is part of the reason I am strongly driven to succeed in life.. I mean when you have that much competition.. you kind of have to be!Yes, success is important to me! In all ways but most of all in the way of achieving and setting goals.

I am one of those people…you know the ones…that talk about our energy and vibes. For those of you after reading that sentence that were like, “HELL YES VIBES ARE IMPORTANT” you are probably my people.

But it’s true, I believe there is an energy around us and we are most successful when we surround ourselves with people that raise and encourage this energy level. If I haven't lost you I will go further to say that most of the couples I hang out with are go with the flow, open minded, crazy head over heels in love. They don’t get caught upon the small stuff and they may even be referred to as the black sheep in the family.. no worries there guys.. I totally get it.

I am a sucker for a black wedding dress, alternative shoes, and adventure. 

In fact… I love mixing an elegant dress with the contrast of nature. I don’t like when weddings get put into a box. You don’t need to wear white. Wear Green. You don’t need to be married in a church. Get married on a mountain top. Lets get crazy with it!

I wont’t hold you back! You do you in the most artistic way! I love my free spirits and in a weird twist of fate I somehow managed to be a Type A personality. The really organized planned out type people.. I may or may not have like three calendars and one on me at all times. So even though I love the laid back, calm and collected vibes…..I am above all organized and strategic with my time. Maybe that is because I feel like I never have enough of it so why waste it! Why not spend it with interesting couples who are anything but boring!!

I like to think I am the Ying to my couples Yang.  

So honestly, I could go on and on but lets face it the best way to get to know me is to reach out! Have coffee with me. I promise if anything it won’t be boring :D. 


I may be your person if:

You are a bit CRAZY

in love that is! Most of my couples just can't get enough of each other. They love to love another. They don't mind if a few things don't go according to plan or if it rains on their wedding day. They embrace changes as they come, roll with the punches and focus on what is important.. their wedding day is about their love. ALL else just doesn't matter. 

You CRAVE Adventure

and are willing to go to the extreme to get the pictures you want. My couples tend to push boundaries, whether it be jumping into freezing water in May to get the perfect shot! Or taking a spin on the tilt-a-whirl for extra fun. Or possibly climbing a few rocks down to the picture perfect water cove. My couples are daredevils with a passion for Art within photography. They want to show others their love in its most natural state. They are not afraid to be head over heels laughing in an image. The candid image says everything about who they are as a couple.